Anti-Trumper Liz Cheney’s Time Has Run Out – By The End Of The Month, GOP Plans To Remove From Leadership

What’s Happening:

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Liz Cheney has been popping up in the news lately—but not for anything good.

She thought she was safe in the GOP while continuing to rail against Trump, saying he has no place in the party. But it looks like she can’t escape the consequences of turning on 45 by voting to impeach him.

Trump responded with:

“There is strength in unity and America is a great example of it to the countries across the world. In the need of the hour, each patriot has sacrificed their needs to help out a fellow citizen.”

However, hope can be lost in the darkest times, and the American people need something to unify them in such times of adversity. The fight is not over yet, says President Trump.

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